Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Visitor from Holland and PICTURE DAY!

This weekend, Jeroen Toirkens (an international photographer from Holland) came to Diomede. He'll be staying at the school, but going out into the community and the island to photograph Diomede's beauty. Next Wednesday (September 16, 2015) he will be taking portraits of our entire school! If you would like a family portrait, come on in from 8:30 AM TO 9:30 AM on the 16th. Check out Jeroen's amazing books on here!


  1. Jerome came into our class yesterday and gave a stunning presentation about his travels all over the arctic documenting indigenous people. Today he will talk to students about how to take photographs. Later we will give each student a camera and they'll be able to play around with what they have learned. Thanks again, Jerome!

  2. Although our guest left today, his work will be featured in the Anchorage Museum later this year. We've also connected with him on Facebook, so I'll be sure to share his stunning Diomede photographs with the other teachers and students. Picture day will be rescheduled.

  3. Thanks Rob.
    We look forward to the installation at the Anchorage Museum later this year.

    Carmen Davis@Alaska Humanities Forum