Frank Stanek:

Principal, High School Teacher, Test Administrator, CHAMPS Coach
Phone: 907-686-3021

Leah Stanek:

High School Teacher, ELA Liaison, Technology Liaison
Phone: 907-686-3021

Rob Michaud:

4-5th Grade, Webmaster, Tutor, Ski Coach, Art Liaison, FEA Liaison
Phone: 907-686-3021

Kristina Benitez:

1st-3rd Grade, Sewing Instructor
Phone: 907-686-3021

Joan Martin:

Itenerant Special Education Teacher, District Librarian
Phone: 907-686-3021

JoAnn Kaningok:

Administrative Assistant, Special Education Liaison
Phone: 907-686-3021

Vera Ozenna:

Head Cook, Sewing/Beading Instructor, Parent Liaison
Phone: 907-686-3021

Cassandra Ahkvaluk:

Classroom Aide, Gym Coordinator
Phone: 907-686-3021

Ronald Ozenna:

Maintenance Man
Phone: 907-686-3021


  1. Hello, I just happened upon your website, as I was doing a search on Little Diomede to show my 7 year old son how close part of the United States is to Russia. What a great surprise to find your site, and to read about all the amazing things happening on Little Diomede! Congratulations on putting the site together, and best of luck for a wonderful school year. I hope to visit someday! Best, Jim McClellan

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  3. Hello Little Diomede! My name is Evgenii, and I used to live in Chukotka, it is just that place you can see out of your windows every day. I have never been to your beautiful island personally, but it is my biggest dream since my childhood. I would like not only to visit you, but also to celebrate New Year twice. I used to live and study in the U.S. too, and if you want to make a friend with a person from another side of the strait, here is my email: jonvspu@gmail.com
    I will be very happy to answer all your questions about life in Russia and in Chukotka, plus I am an English teacher!
    Best wishes,

    1. Is it possible to see big Diomede island from mainland Russia?

    2. I think it's possible only when the weather is fine and the sky is clear. But you will be able to see only a little of it.

    3. I can see mainland Russia from the top of Little Diomede, so I assume the Russian mainland can see Big Diomede. If I walk north or south of Little Diomede on the frozen ice ocean, I can see mainland, so I'm pretty sure they can see Big Diomede, which is quite a bit closer.

  4. Hello up there from sunny Southwest, Florida. Reading James Michners "Alaska." What a book and what a history. My wife had a coworker who moved to Little Diomede a number of years back to teach. His name was Rob McDonough. (not sure of spelling)Ever hear of him? I guess I'd better mush outta here. Have a great day.

  5. Hello everyone!
    I was wondering if native Diomede residents have oral or written history about life on Little Diomede? Wikipedia has a lot of details with "citation needed". Information online always leaves me with more questions. Over the years I have shared many interesting facts with my husband as I find them online and they intrigued me. I suppose it's because twenty years ago I wanted to pursue studying Anthropology, but instead I became a teacher!
    I live in the desert. The sun set 5 hours ago and it is 91 degrees F right now. Today was 114 degrees! It's hard to imagine 0 and negative numbers. I read in the 1880s a visitor reported rock homes, like the people here (miners in the silver mines) also lived in similar homes at the time often incorporating the Canyon walls into their "shelters" to protect them from the harsh elements. Residents and families lived in homes with walls made of adobe clay and rocks, or wooden buildings typical for the "Old West". One major issue was lack of wood as there were no trees. The adobe buildings also acted a as firebreak between wooden buildings. Due to the high mineral content in the water pipes were constructed of strips of wood banded together.
    Living in California sometimes I feel we live our lives in fast forward, even though our area is more remote a lot of travelers go back and forth from Los Angeles and Las Vegas. But, at the same time you can drive and spend a day at the beach and return home the same day. Or you can go the other and go to Las Vegas on a day trip. We like to go see bands and the musicians there.
    I see your homes and knowing how the community predominately receives supplies, how did they get the materials to the island to construct the modern buildings?
    How long did it take to build the school? How did they get the materials there?
    Thank You,
    Michelle Moore