Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Summer Students

Even though school is out for the summer months, it is still very important for your student's development to continue learning and practicing their academic skills.

Reading: Make sure to read with your student. Be it the Nome Nugget, or even text messages, reading is the most powerful academic tool there is. Reading fluency comes though practice, practice, and more practice.

Mathematics: Have your student help out with real world math problems, like balancing the check book, counting change, or adding up groceries in the store.

Physical Education: Take your kids out with you on hikes up to the top or on the South Road. Have them help you clean up the house and pick up trash around Diomede. Take them out birding or to help with the hunt.

Art: Beading? Carving? Sewing? Have the kids watch or participate. Have them draw pictures of stories either read or spoken.

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